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Common Law/Civil Law

The types of lawyer that is most often overlooked by potential attorneys that are looking for a legal recruiter are the lawyers who practice civil law. This form of law that is also known as common law has lawyers that work with individuals and their relationships between people. They go over the issues that people take on that aren’t crimes in society, but rather more of disputes between individuals themselves, between individuals and companies and even at times between individuals and agencies of the government whether the agency is local, state or federal.

Attorneys that practice common law take on multiple types of disputes that are taken to court by different people and there are also others that only focus on one aspect of civil law since knowing many can be both complex and confusing. This is because you’ll have to know how to defend each different type of dispute that could occur in court as well as the laws regarding them in your local area, your state and even the United States for some of these civil cases. The disputes that civil law attorneys take on are different and can be numerous.


The most common form of common law in courtrooms throughout the United States is that of divorce between a husband and a wife. The attorney can side with either the husband or the wife depending on who hired him or her and has to know the appropriate divorce laws for the state in which the lawyer wants to practice. With the help of the recruiter that you get hired by, you’ll learn all of the correct steps in proceeding through a divorce case.

Contract Disputes

Another common problem for the potential civil law attorney is that of contract disputes since there are so many different contracts and many people that feel that the person that signed the contract isn’t living up to the expectations made by that contract. As a potential lawyer that goes through contract disputes, you’ll have to learn about the ins and outs of any contract that can get disputed as well as the laws that apply to all contract disputes of your state and possibly the United States. The most common dispute over a contract is breach of contract.


In the world of common law, tort is a general wrong that was committed by a party that is not considered a crime or is it considered a breach of contract among other contract disputes. These can include (but are not limited to) negligence and libel. These type of lawyers will deal with many different injustices on various platforms and will have to know all of the laws that apply to each of them.

If you decide to send your curriculum vitae (or CV) to a legal recruiter such as Boston Legal Recruitment, then you can get help focusing on any number of different disputes that you want to from our expert lawyers in the field of civil law.