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Legal Administrator

The occupation in the field of law that probably has the most variance when it comes to what you’re assigned to do is that of a legal administrator. That’s because these administrators help out the lawyers that they work for by playing many roles in order to help the law offices that they work for run smoothly on a daily basis. The type of work that has to be done by the administrators includes marketing, recruitment and various types of management.

Legal Recruiter

As a legal recruiter, the job of a firm administrator is responsible for interviewing and hiring every single potential lawyer that sends his or her curriculum vitae (or CV) to the law firm that you work for. Along with being a recruiter, you must also train any attorney that you hire and get them accustomed to the way that your office works.

Office Manager

In the office manager role of being one of these administrators, you must be responsible for what the legal staff aside from the attorneys do when they work. They can look at the work done by staff members such as paralegals and see if they’re doing well enough or not as well as being responsible for everything else that is run in the office such as computers and email accounts.

Financial Manager

The financial manager role of the firm administrator includes the handling of employees’ paychecks and the monetary amounts that are taken out of them in order to pay off taxes and possibly save for their pension funds. This job also includes helping out the lawyers in the office with their general taxes as well as with billing and how the amount is collected from clients.

Systems Manager

This includes looking at how the operations of the office work when it comes to storing records of what the attorneys and everyone else did at the office as well as looking at the costs and the benefits of implementing plans into the works of the office.

Problem Solver

In all of these roles given to firm administrators, problems often come up and as one you’ll have to be able to solve them in any aspect of what you have to do quickly and efficiently. Most of the time, these problems must be addressed and suggested to your superiors before you go on to attempt to solve them.

In order to become a firm administrator for any lawyer, you must first have a college degree in any field that relates to the responsibilities given above such as business management and finance and then proceed to any legal recruitment agency.

If you’re interested in becoming one of these administrators to give your career a high peak of responsibility and interest, send your CV to any legal recruiter at Boston Legal Recruitment and we’ll personally take a look at your CV and talk to you in order to put you where you want to go.