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Court Clerk

One of the less looked upon positions of the field of law is that of a court clerk and any legal recruiter at Boston Legal Recruitment would be willing to help train the potential clerk of the court. This is one of the easiest of all legal positions to get into it because it requires the least amount of education than that of other legal positions such as attorneys and paralegals. However, you’ll still need some training in order to become a good court clerk.

At Boston Legal Recruitment, among any other legal recruiter, you’ll see that you could easily train to become a clerk of the court since the responsibilities of this position aren’t as intense as those of other positions such as that of a court reporter or a lawyer. Essentially, the court clerk is a secretary to the judge, but their use within some courts is essential because of what he or she does for the judge among others within the court.

Court of Record

This is important in some courts since the court of record is the entire collection of proceedings that the court does. Any legal recruiter will train you well to be able to handle the responsibility of organizing these records in the way that they can be easily read and found if they need to be looked at later on by anybody else. These records are usually indicated by a seal to let people know that the clerk of the court organized that particular record and they include the judge’s judgment, orders of the court and other important documents involving the case.

Court Swearing

Another one of the court clerk’s responsibilities is to actually swear people into the court, indicating that they’ll properly do their jobs as “servants” to the court. The list of people sworn in by this clerk are the witnesses that must go on the stand to testify in a case, the jurors that will impartially look at a particular case and make a fair judgment in favor of one side versus the other and grand jurors who are just like jurors except they do higher-leveled cases that usually have more of a social impact.

Responsibility for Others

The clerk of the court is also looked upon as being in charge of every other court officer inside of the courtroom. Good leadership is a good quality to have if you go to a legal recruiter and want to get training in this position.

If becoming a court clerk sounds like something you would want to do, then send your curriculum vitae (or CV) to a legal recruiter at Boston Legal Recruitment, and we’ll be willing to look at your CV and determine where you should go based on your wants.