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Immigration Lawyer/Attorney

If you feel that you want to work with interesting people with various cultures, then you should consider practicing law in the field of immigration since it would make you deal with a lot of different people who are proud that they decided to try United States immigration. You’ll be dealing with the issue of illegal immigration if you decided that you wanted to go into this very complex field. However, you would also be dealing with new immigrants that want citizenship in the United States as well as illegal immigrants while being an immigration lawyer.

There are several reasons that people immigrate to the United States (both legal immigration and illegal immigration). They include:

  • Economic reasons (such as sending money back home from work, just working in another country for more money or even getting an education to make more money)
  • Political reasons (such as leaving an unfair government or they were being religiously persecuted and wanted the freedoms that the United States can give them)
  • Personal reasons (prefer United States over their home country, to avoid getting arrested or even leaving due to a natural disaster that occurred in their home country)

Depending on the reason for the US immigration, whether it’s legal or illegal, you’ll have to evaluate a thought process throughout for each different reason. We’ll guarantee that you’ll get all three types of cases within your career if you decide to become an immigration lawyer.

As a potential immigration lawyer, your responsibilities include learning about the history of your client in your country as well as learning how those circumstances can help your case. It would be much easier for your case if your client isn’t an illegal immigrant that has been acting up. If this does happen, it won’t be impossible to win but that much harder to win.

In addition to learning how to be an attorney that specializes in United States immigration, you’ll also learn how to keep up to date on the laws of US immigration since they will impact your client’s case if you don’t know a certain law for his or her situation. These laws, which change quite often, you’ll have to be knowledgeable about since these changes will be tantamount on the impact they’ll have on your cases.

At Boston Legal Recruitment, our in-house lawyers will prepare you for this by sitting down with you and help you in the process of becoming a United States immigration lawyer.

If learning to become a lawyer in US immigration interests you, feel free to send your curriculum vitae (or CV) to us and we’ll be willing to look it over and talk to you about your interest.