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Corporate Lawyer

If you want to deal with the daily events of a corporation and you feel that you want to actually be a part of that corporation by dealing with their legal problems, then becoming a corporate lawyer could be the right step for you since corporations have many of these types of attorneys to help them with their troubles. However, being a part of a particular corporation isn’t a requirement in order to be a corporate lawyer, but for the most part, these lawyers do work directly for the corporations.

Getting good training within the corporate world as an attorney can be started by seeking out the services of a legal recruiter such at Boston Legal Recruitment in order to help you onto the right path. Whether you desire to work on your own or in-house for a particular corporation, our expert lawyers can help you with their own experience in corporate law. There are many positions that you can get within the corporate ladder that are both in-house and outside of a corporation.

Some corporations could hire all of the same positions that other law firms hire since these corporations need an entire legal staff because of their size and/or how much money they make. There are also many issues that a corporation needs to deal with either on a daily basis or often enough where a corporate lawyer is required on the scene. The attorney that’s responsible for this in-house also gets paid by the corporation as well as possibly getting the benefits that they offer.

The work that this type of attorney does vary from task to task but they’re all important to the corporation since some of it determines how the corporation is run. Within the United States, any corporation is regarded as a person that can own property and can be part of lawsuits under its own name rather than the individuals that work with the corporation; so, it’s like being a lawyer that represents only one person.

The tasks that a corporate lawyer does for the corporation that he or she works for include:

  • Helping choose officers and directors to run the corporation
  • Determining the responsibilities that each officer and director has within the corporation
  • Helping with the course of corporate activities such as mergers, consolidations and other transactions
  • Determining how a corporation will issue stocks and who to issue them to
  • Helping with the liquidation of a corporation and how it gets liquidated

If becoming an attorney in corporate law interests you, then send your curriculum vitae (or CV) to a legal recruiter at Boston Legal Recruitment and we’ll help arrange you with some of our attorneys in order to help you get your corporate goal in the field of law.