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Legal Secretary

There are some people that want to get into the field of law but don’t want to have to go through all of the schooling that lawyers do, so they can go to a legal recruiter and train to become a legal secretary. Legal secretaries have to go through special training courses in addition to the basic courses that any secretary would have go through themselves in order to qualify for this job. These training courses can be found in various places such as junior colleges and technical schools for those who want to be secretaries in the field of law.

After getting the proper training to become a legal secretary, you should find yourself a good legal recruitment agency such as Boston Legal Recruitment and send us your curriculum vitae (or CV) in order to get a placement. We’ve had a lot of legal secretaries get recruited by us, get trained in the field and eventually get hired by great firms where they can utilize their skills in the professional world.

What these secretaries do is what any other secretary would do except they have more legal knowledge than other secretaries from their specialized training. At the specialized training schools that legal secretaries can attend, they’ll learn the proper names of legal terms and procedures as well as learning how they work within the field of law. They’ll use these proper legal names in the documents that their bosses (the lawyers that they work for) will make them type up correctly under the legal guidelines that they must adhere to.

Any legal recruiter will be looking for a legal secretary that will be able to do other typical secretarial work such as answering telephones in a professional manner and conference planning because of all of the clients that the lawyers will see on a daily basis. These responsibilities will also include being in charge of office supplies, communicating with lawyers and clients that are acquainted with their boss(es) and instructing the other members of the legal staff on what needs to be done on occasion.

In addition to the legal skills that legal secretaries need, they also need several personal traits that will help them succeed in the field of law. These traits include:

  • Trustworthy (since they work with confidential documents)
  • Professional (since they’re working in a field where professionalism counts more than anything)
  • Knowledgeable (since they’re in a field where knowing what goes on legally is important to the job)
  • Clear-minded (since they’ll often have to multitask in order to get jobs done by their deadlines)
  • Proficient (with the machines that they’ll be working with because of their importance to the job)
If becoming a legal secretary interests you, then contact a legal recruiter at Boston Legal Recruitment and we’ll talk with you to see where you’d fit in well according to your desires.