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Legal Nurse Consultant

If you’re in the medical field and you’re bored with the routine of being a registered nurse, then you should consider going to a legal recruiter, like Boston Legal Recruitment, and submit your curriculum vitae (or CV) in to become a legal nurse consultant. This is ideal for nurses who have a finer nursing education and have great verbal skills. Legal nurse consultants in the world of law are all highly respected because of their vast medical knowledge.

The one thing that lawyers don’t understand is what the legal nurse consultant has to interpret. The job of all legal nurse consultants is to comprehend and then translate a lot of the technical medical terminology on some documents that involve cases in which the lawsuit is in relation to the medical field. Knowing technical medical terms is something that any legal recruiter will truly look, should you send out your curriculum vitae to the recruiter.

Nowadays, about one fourth (or 25 percent) of all lawyers go into cases involving medical malpractice which, means that a healthcare provider or professional has not done his, her or its job in helping a patient to the fullest extent that they guaranteed that patient. This means that any legal nurse consultant is needed to help out lawyers with a good deal of their workload since she or he would know all of the medical terminology used on the documents presented to the lawyers. Legal nurse consultants are deemed by lawyers as universal interpreters to these documents since they don’t have any knowledge of it. A lawyer’s Achilles’ heel, if you will.

A legal nurse consultant’s healthcare expertise could also be used to help win cases by being an expert witness that your boss will call to the stand to either help the case your lawyer would be working on or help derail the case going against your client. This could not only help the case, but could also boost your reputation as an expert in the health field. This can’t happen without you going to a legal recruiter such as Boston Legal Recruitment to try to get into the position where we’ll train you to be a legal nurse consultant.

Not only will you learn how to use your medical knowledge to further yourself financially by applying it to the field of law, you’ll also learn how the entire field of law works and how you can help it progress.

If learning to become a legal nurse consultant interests you, then don’t hesitate to send us your curriculum vitae to us and we’ll be willing to look it over and talk to you further.