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Other Types of Lawyers/Attorneys

Although some types of lawyers are more popular than others in the world, there are still many more types of attorneys that a potential attorney can be if he or she wants to become a lawyer. These types may be less popular but any legal recruiter such as Boston Legal Recruitment would be able to help develop your legal mind with real-life cases in any given field of law that you desire.

Some less popular forms of law are actually better for people with special interests in certain fields that require special knowledge of the various laws in regard to how certain aspects of these fields are tried by any of these attorneys. Although recruitment for these positions are a bit less common than others because of their lack of popularity, potential attorneys can still go to a recruiter and help themselves become the ideal lawyer they would like to be.

Environmental Law

Lawyers that work with environmental law help protect the natural environment by seeing corporations and individuals that pollute the Earth and help prevent them from decreasing the damage done to the Earth’s ecosystem. The case that these attorneys make are based on what’s currently going on in the environment through research done by various environmental groups as evidence. The clientele of the typical environmental lawyer are special interest groups focused on saving the environment.

Entertainment Law

Entertainment law, which is also known as media law, deals with the entertainment world and how it’s run with celebrities and other people that aren’t as famous or well-known but have just as much impact in the field of entertainment. The issues that are looked at by entertainment attorneys include aspects of employment law, labor law, trademark law and patent law. The fields that an entertainment attorney must learn the laws of in order to win cases include:

  • Film
  • Music (downloading for example)
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Theatre
  • Multimedia
  • Publishing
  • Visual Arts

Adoption Law

This area of law varies by state since different states have different adoption laws. Any attorney that wants to work in the adoption process will have to learn the state laws that involve adoption and can easily do so at a legal recruiter company because expert lawyers, like the one as Boston Legal Recruitment, will gladly do so.

There are several other very specific areas of law that can be found at a legal recruiter’s Web site (such as this one by Boston Legal Recruitment) and if you feel that you’re interested in any of them, then submit your curriculum vitae (or CV) and they’ll match you up based on your qualifications and desires.