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Types of Property Law

If you’re looking to get into a very intelligent and controversial field of law that requires a lot of thought, then you should get into property law. However, there are two types of this funky field of law since property is a vague word when it comes to law: intellectual property law and real property law. They are similar in that they deal with someone’s personal property, but different in the types of property that each of them deals with.

Intellectual property law deals with property that is intangible and that are ideas that people came up with. An intellectual property attorney will have to deal with:

  • Copyrights (on creative and artistic works such as movies and music)
  • Patents (on inventions that are original and not improvements)
  • Trademarks (on certain services that a business does to differentiate itself from another business)
  • Industrial Design Rights (on the appearance, design and/or style of an object)
  • Trade Secret (or confidential information concerning the commercial practices or an owner’s knowledge)

When these problems arise, an intellectual property lawyer must come in and analyze each problem to see what it is since each of these must be handled differently because of the laws that are put on each of these intellectual ideas. If you get hired by a legal recruiter such as at Boston Legal Recruitment, then you’ll learn from our intellectual property law attorney experts and they’ll help train you properly in any of the five properties that you could deal with or help you focus on just one when it comes to intellectual property law.

The reason why an intellectual property lawyer has such a problem is because it can be difficult at times to prove your case. However, any good intellectual property attorney will be able to prove their case, especially if they were first hired by a legal recruiter such as Boston Legal Recruitment because of the training that we could give you within the intellectual property field of law.

Real property law differs from this other form of property law because these attorneys deal with physical property rather than intangible property that are derived from an idea. Examples of what this covers are houses, buildings, fields and other pieces of land that can be walked on and actually disputed over with physical evidence. There is also property that is moveable which is known as personal property that can be disputed over as well such as a car or a television set.

Whether you want to become an intellectual property lawyer or one of the elite attorneys that deal with real property law, you should still send your curriculum vitae (or CV) to any legal recruiter like us at Boston Legal Recruitment so you can get the proper training from experts in the field of the property law that you wish to practice.