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Personal Injury Attorney/Lawyer

One of the largest fields that a legal recruiter finds that potential lawyers are interested in is that of personal injury since there are so many lawsuits nowadays over people getting injured at other people’s expense. However, what most people don’t know is that it’s such a large area of law because there are more specific areas under this big general area of law. Here are the categories that comprise personal injury.


One of the more common areas that the potential personal injury attorney wants to get into is that of accidents since so many of them occur and there is money that can be made from accidents. These accidents include almost anything, from accidents involving modes of transportation (cars, trucks, trains and more) to accidents occurring on or off the job (construction, industrial and more). Animal bites (most commonly dog) and slips and falls also count under this area of personal injury.


There are several forms of abuse that can be considered under personal injury and are handled by a personal injury lawyer. The most commonly seen of these is physical abuse, whether it’s through domestic violence, child abuse or even sexual assault along with other physical abuses that occur throughout the United States. There is also the chance that you can get a case involving emotional abuse that can range in a different number of ways.


Malpractice varies, but in personal injury cases, you’ll learn that the malpractice involved is medical. This can range from errors and misdiagnoses (mistakes by the doctor) to claims of negligence by patients that were mistreated or made unhappy by the doctor(s) that took care of them. Whichever the case, your client was personally injured because of the doctor in any way, shape or form.


Though this sounds somewhat redundant, there are certain injuries that count towards personal injuries when it comes to a court of law. A potential personal injury attorney should know that these injuries include those to the head, back, neck, spinal cord, brain and other physical body parts. This also includes wrongful death, burn injuries and depression.


This section includes everything else that a personal injury lawyer would look at when it comes to their cases. The most popular one of these in court is that of discrimination, whether it’s racial or sexual (harassment falls under this category). False arrests, product liability, slander and defamation also fall under this category.

If learning to become a lawyer in the vast field of personal injury interests you, then don’t hesitate to send us your curriculum vitae (or CV) to us and we’ll be willing to look it over and talk to you about your interest(s). After talking about where exactly you want to go under personal injury, we can help you further.