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If you feel that the politics of being an attorney will get you down in the long run, then there is a position of neutrality for you. You could go to a recruiter and get training to become a mediator (which are also known as arbitrators and conciliators) since mediators are parties that are neutral and help solve problems inside and outside of the courtroom. The arguments between two or more attorneys can actually get very out of hand and a mediator will be able to help matters by being an eye of neutrality that isn’t representing anybody within the case through the process of arbitration.

Arbitration is the process that resolves disputes between two parties that have differing opinions and using a judge wouldn’t be appropriate due to the biased nature that the argument is presumed to be. The mediator acts as a judge to resolve the argument between the attorneys and is a position that could be good to go to a recruiter for if you don’t want to take sides on cases like an attorney does. The most prominent example of where arbitration is practiced is on the television show Judge Judy that is in syndication on television.

The education required in order to be an arbitrator is very minimal (a bachelor’s degree) but a specialty in law is recommended before trying to apply for a legal recruiter such as Boston Legal Recruitment. This is because most current conciliators were formerly attorneys that held cases inside of the courtroom. It’s rare to see mediators that weren’t lawyers first because of the intense background of law that’s required for those who are competent at this job.

People who are great at arbitration have certain personality traits that they can get trained to become stronger at a legal recruiter company, such as Boston Legal Recruitment, or having them yourself is a great way to practice on your own as well. Some of these traits that will help you be a good mediator are:

  • Knowledgeable (of knowing and retaining the changing laws that can be disputed to you)
  • Clear-minded (when getting pressured by two sides to go to their side)
  • Neutral-minded (by being able to see both perspectives and why they think that they’re correct)
  • Authoritative (by being able to show both sides that you’re a figure of power and should be listened to)

If becoming a mediator in the field of arbitration that sees the viewpoints of two attorneys and their clients interests you, then send your curriculum vitae (or CV) to a legal recruiter at Boston Legal Recruitment and we’ll help you try to become the best arbitrator you want to be.