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Title Examiner/Searcher/Abstractor

Three jobs that involve more of an in-depth look at the law rather than being in the forefront of the process of dealing with clients (that lawyers do) are that of a title examiner, a searcher and an abstractor. These occupations are looked upon by any legal recruiter as three that can be commonplace for people to apply to when they want to go through a recruitment agency in order to get a job in the field of law. Each of these jobs are different in what type of law that they deal with, but they are essentially the same in the eyes of a recruiter and law firms around the country when it comes to their importance in the office.


Searchers work mainly within the field of real estate and they do the investigating when it comes to a client’s real estate records. The records that searchers must look at include any titles, mortgages or contracts that a client can have through the holders that can provide them to you. The point of this information is for searchers to give this information to the lawyers so they can try to help their case in order to give the client that they’re representing a better chance of getting the results they want.

Title Examiner

To a legal recruiter, the job of a title examiner focuses purely on titles since they have to have expertise in examining them in order to know how they work in different situations depending on what type of title that he or she has to look at for a particular case. A couple of types of titles that these examiners look at for the lawyers that they work for include contracts, trust deeds and mortgages since they declare that somebody owns property of some sort.


Abstractors deal with the insurance and legal details of clients when it comes to the fields of law that concern a client’s insurance. They do this by viewing the titles of the client’s insurance that they can receive from a number of sources that they can get the insurance from. They also summarize sections of statutes from reference books in the legal field as well as the insurance and legal information.

All three of these occupations have the common goal to investigate in order to get what they want, so great skills with research along with understanding and seeing the changes of the legal field are required in order to succeed. And a great legal recruiter such as us Boston Legal Recruitment can help you hone those skills to become better.

If being an abstractor, a searcher or a title examiner interests you, then you should send your curriculum vitae (or CV) to any recruitment agency like Boston Legal Recruitment and our lawyers will help you become better at the position you desire.